• Welcome to the Drunk Fairy Godmother

    Welcome, to The Drunk Fairy Godmother™

Life Not a Fairytale?

The Truth-Bomb (full of glitter) We All Need

Through tragedy, trial, error and some small moments of success, you now know that life is no Disney movie. Nope.

In fact, it's more simple than that. But simple doesn't mean easy. Life is simply constant problem solving. It’s hard. And it’s no wonder we wanted that fairytale to be true. This small business was born out of all of that; a place for laughing at all of our drunk fairy godmothers and the lies we bought about how easy life would be.

But perhaps most importantly, The Drunk Fairy Godmother™ was created to help us come together, as we problem solve our way through this life... as humorously (and kindly) as possible.

Consider yourself officially fairy dusted and ready to fly. Let's do this.

Life is not rainbows and roses. You gotta plant 'em, water 'em & get stuck by a few thorns before the beauty unfolds.

Owner & Founder, Samantha